PATHFiNDER Release 9.7 Notes

File Set Where Used and Field Where Used have been added to PATHFiNDER’s Plugin for IBM’s RDi.

RPG Fully Free source beyond 80 bytes is now supported.

Changes to the Mass Compile option:

  • Now allows up to 6000 objects to be created.
  • Enhanced support for SQL External Stored Procedures to ensure the entries in the iSeries system SQL Table, QSYS2/SYSROUTINES are maintained. If a different Target Library is specified in Mass Compile for the SQL External Stored Procedures, duplicate entries in the SYSROUTINES system Table are only added if your IBM i release level is 7.2 or higher, or 7.1 with SF99701 PTF Group level 18 or higher.

In the Build/Refresh Object X-ref, RPG compiler directive support was changed to no longer consider /IF /ELSE logic for cross referencing objects if a /DEFINE has not been encountered in the source code. When this is the case, objects referenced in both conditions will be documented.

When adding objects to the Compile List, if a duplicate object is encountered, the process now skips the object and continues to the next. Prior to this, a duplicate object stopped the process, forcing a response before continuing.

This release also supplies the latest fixes.  These PTFs are the result of customers working with Hawkeye to improve the information provided within the options.  Some are due to new syntax or coding techniques not previously encountered.


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Hawkeye’s PATHFiNDER tool has been an essential part of our development process.
- Kevin John, SMC-ISD