About Hawkeye Information Systems

In 1976, a fledgling version of documentation software officially became PATHFiNDER. Originally developed on the S/3, PATHFiNDER has evolved through the S/38, AS/400, and the iSeries into the version we know today. Hawkeye is now one of the few, if not only, software firms still owned by its founder and developer.

Customer loyalty has been Hawkeye’s foundation since its modest beginnings. Today, we continue that dedication. Since our software is our best marketing tool, your introduction to PATHFiNDER will be with our technical staff – not a salesperson. That rapport will continue throughout your relationship with PATHFiNDER.

Hawkeye has discovered that customer support is not a one-way street. Our customers teach us valuable lessons about PATHFiNDER. Much of our development is based on our users’ suggestions. This approach has produced a software package which thoroughly addresses the needs of our users.

Our Staff

Since PATHFiNDER is a programming tool, it is important that our technical staff have the programming experience that can only come from ‘being there’. Our technicians are programmers. Most have been with Hawkeye for well over a decade each. Best of all, they are readily accessible to you.