PATHFiNDER: iSeries Development Tools Features

PATHFiNDER provides comprehensive documentation and cross reference data.

Thorough and reliable documentation data…

  • Object and field cross reference documentation built using your source
  • Languages supported; COBOL, CL, PL/I, RPGII through RPGLE (new free form), ILE modules, service programs, SEQUEL and SQL (Dynamic and Static)
  • Includes variable references
  • Dynamic SQL support
  • Also documents objects referenced by other objects types such as *CMD (including user commands), *JOBD, *MENU, *MODULE, *SBSD, *USRPRF, etc.
This is a product that the company and I cannot do without. The information that PATHFiNDER provides assists us in all areas of our development.
- Kevin Dick, VAI

Mass Compile

  • Use the cross reference data to quickly and easily generate a list of programs, files and modules to recreate.
  • User generated compile list can also be added to list of objects to compile

File Analysis

  • File access and format file relationships
  • Physical and logical dependencies

System security

  • Compare your security to IBM’s recommendations
  • Analyze security system values, user profile security, object and adopting program security


  • Plugin for IBM’s RDi
  • Program flow charts
  • Job flow analysis
  • Unreferenced and object usage reports
  • Disk analysis
  • Source scan