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Thank you for your interest in PATHFiNDER.

For maximum benefit, it is important that you work with our technical staff during the initial set up phase of your trial. Your shipment should be scheduled to coordinate with your staff’s availability.

During your trial, you will have unlimited access to technical staff, including phone calls, conference calls, or even informal training sessions.

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Return to us via: 

  • Email to us: Upload & Send >
  • Fax to: 970-498-9096
  • Mail to: P.O. Box 2167, Fort Collins, CO 80522

PATHFiNDER can be downloaded, or if you prefer, will be shipped to you within days. You will be contacted by our technical staff to coordinate time to review setup.


Single License Fee – $8,200
Additional licenses to the same company/location are available at a discounted price

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Updates and Support Services

  • Unlimited technical support
  • New PATHFiNDER releases
  • Training
    • Online webinars
    • Informal training sessions
    • Customized training classes
  • Transfers due to hardware replacement or OS upgrades
  • Software/enhancement downloads via Customer pages of website
  • Technical articles
  • All PTFs

Support Services are billed annually, following the initial 120-day warranty period

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