PATHFiNDER Release 9.8 Notes

Scan Source Member(s) now supports source length beyond 80.

Mass Compile now gives the user the ability to specify if programs and service programs added from the Object X-ref to the list of objects to create should be updated or created.

File Set Where Used now allows *DOCLIBL to be specified for Library.

Object Where Used and File Set Where Used now show both program and module references to objects when there is a module and program of the same name in the same library.

The Build/refresh Object X-ref will now do a RTVCLSRC for CLLE type programs if source for the program is not found.

Objects referenced in RPG HANDLER keyword are now included in the Object X-ref.

The Object API was changed to allow an object type of *EXT to be specified for the referencing object.  New parameters were added to allow specifying Text and Long Name.  New parameters are optional, so it is not necessary to change existing programs which call the Object API.

Field X-ref now supports multiple fields referenced in RPG free format opcodes CHAIN, READE, READPE, SETLL, SETGT, and UPDATE.

Job Explosion, Job Implosion, Flow Charts, and Job’s Objects increased maximum steps supported from 9,000 to 99,999.

Build/refresh Field X-ref increased maximum number of fields supported in a program from 9,999 to 20,000.


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Hawkeye’s PATHFiNDER tool has been an essential part of our development process.
- Kevin John, SMC-ISD